The Florida Discount Mattress store in Jacksonville is a new and different kind of mattress store in St Augustine, the NAS Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach and all of Jacksonville.
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We are building a better way to buy a great night's sleep, with the online discount prices you want, from a local business you can trust.

        Welcome to the Florida Discount Mattress store in Jacksonville.

  We are creating a new and better way to buy your next new bed.

  Buying a mattress has gradually become a chore, similar to buying a used car. Every franchise chain store screams about 99%-off sales and the major name brand mattress manufacturers contribute by making minor changes to fabric, quilt-styles and stitching so consumers can’t compare the same bed across 7 retail stores. You can compare one Ford Mustang to another at every dealership, but not a mattress. It is unfair and it can be a very confusing experience.

  The Florida Discount Mattress store in Jacksonville will strive to be different.

  First, Our true “Everyday Lower Price” will save you money. You will get more bed for less money, no matter what your budget. We’ll do everything possible to keep our cost low, so you pay less at Jacksonville’s Florida Discount mattress store. The word “discount” is in our name,because you PAY less, not because you GET less.

  Second, We will have a wide selection of beds, from big, fat pillowtops to memory foam beds and traditional firm mattresses, plus those adjustable beds too. We’ve done the “shopping” to find the best value for $300, or $600 or a $1000 and more. Whatever your budget, we have searched and found the best quality-built mattress set for the budget YOU set.

   Lastly, Jacksonville’s Florida Discount mattress store is locally-owned. That means we are your neighbors, not sales-commission employees in a franchise chain store. We are mattress experts and have the knowledge to help you find the mattress that is comfortable to you. Our staff is paid a salary, NEVER a sales commission. You are buying a new mattress, not a gold watch or a vacation cruise for your salesman.

  Better beds at better prices, and helpful, honest advice. We think you’ll like buying your next new mattress at the Florida Discount Mattress store in Jacksonville.

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    Florida Discount Mattress is looking for local business owner/operator(s) in every town across Florida. Our team knows the mattress industry and understands what it takes to operate a retail store.
If you have always wanted to own your own mattress store, You need to talk to me. My name is Graham. I'm the new store coordinator for City Discount
I want to find team members who understand how important customer relationships are. We do business in an exciting new way that retail shoppers find helpful, informative and convenient.
    If you are interested in knowing more about how we can help you succeed, send me an email. I'm Graham at City Discount Mattress -dot com.

    Do you know how to "flip" a mattress?" or How to prevent a BedBug infestation in your home?". We have the info, and you can Learn "How to Shop" for a new Mattress" from City Discount

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